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Tips for an "Ahh-So-Good" Night's Sleep

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Sometimes there is nothing better than a good night’s sleep - a sleep in which you wake up in the morning and you know you had an amazing night’s rest. You know what I am talking about. You stretch out, smile, and look at the rest of the day optimistically because your night’s rest was so good. I get excited just thinking about the feeling.

You are reading this and know although this scenario is the goal every night you go to bed, this wonderful sleep is really hard to achieve. And it is frustrating. I mean, you have one job when you sleep: to lie there and do nothing. How easy is that?! Why is a good night’s rest something so many of us struggle with?!

There are a variety of reasons sleep can be difficult for people, we will tackle some of these things in further detail moving forward. Today, we want to start our conversations around sleep with some “quick tips” that can be applied immediately. We can’t wait any longer to make night time better for people, therefore, without further ado, we want to welcome you to the world of “sleep hygiene.”

Sleep hygiene is a phrase used to encompass the habits and routine we create to optimize our sleep experience. Sleep follows a similar tale to Goldilocks - we can’t thrive off too little or too much. Setting up our environment and establishing a practice before bed can help us achieve better quality and quantity of sleep. Our age, activities, health, and lifestyle can all influence the amounts of sleep we need. Below are general recommended amounts and tips to help set ourselves up for a successful night’s rest:

How much sleep do we actually need?

  • Adults: 7-8 hours

  • Teens: 8-10 hours

  • School-Aged: 9-12 hours

  • Preschool: 10-13 hours

  • Toddlers: 11-14 hours

  • Infants: 12-16 hours

How Can We Get There?

It can take a few attempts to find the routine that works for you. Don't give up too early. If you are struggling, please reach out, we will do our best to help. Together, let's be able to achieve the "ahh-so-good" feeling in the mornings.

Do you have a trick you use that we forgot to mention? Please share your experiences with us.

For more information on sleep hygiene, check out these sources below:

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