Our Why

My journey is rooted in the body. It started with my own body, expanded into a profession about the body, and now powers the dream to optimize the experience of the body for people all over. My relationship with my body has been of the love-hate nature. It never looked good enough, performed well enough, stayed healthy enough, and would change without me wanting or understanding the changes. I am not sure I ever knew what, "enough," was, but I always felt I was falling short. It is hard to love something that causes so many feelings of inadequacy and heartache.


I went to school to learn how to better other people’s relationship with their bodies in hopes they could avoid these negative thoughts and perspectives. Early into my career I saw beautiful, smart, strong, resilient women of all ages experience or express they also were never, "enough." How could they feel this way, they had every reason not to?! What was this," enough," feeling everyone is chasing? My mission was born.

Everyone whom I thought I was helping started to influence and change my connection with myself. Your body, my body, and every body you interact with is incredible! The body is our vessel through which we interact with the world. For every fault we can find with it, the body is doing something amazing for you. You get to breathe! You get to live! You are enough!  Being "enough" is a decision that you know you always stand a chance and deserve opportunity. If you can make this shift, you will realize you are more than, "good," enough, you are exceptional. 


We know it isn't sunshine and rainbows all the time, there will be times you are disappointed or your feelings will fluctuate. Intuitively, we know riding the wave is necessary in all relationships. We wouldn't walk away from a close family member or friend because of a frustrating moment. However, we often don't treat ourselves with a similar kindness or patience. There is always a reason to step back and thank it for all it is doing for you. Learning to train, fuel, move, and love your body with respect and gratitude will offer a world of opportunity for you. It is our mission to help you! You are worth the vulnerability, challenge, and effort.

For every person reading this, I want to reiterate, you are worth it! To the young females - growing up is challenging, confusing, exciting, and should be fun. You don’t have to navigate the world alone or feel you should know everything. Look for guidance around you; you never know who is there to help make the road a little easier.


To the women who are figuring out who they are or feel they have lost themselves through the years - you are in there! Allow yourself to be a priority! Learning to best care for you and your needs allows everyone and everything else around you to flourish.


Finally, to the women who feel their roles changing or that aging is throwing off all you have built - you are still growing and developing a relationship with your body. You still have a say in things, the execution, dialogue, and methods of care may need adapting. 

We hope Advancing Her fosters a place where you always know you are good enough. We want to offer tools to help you treat and train your body with kindness and care. We want to tackle the tough topics that aren't always talked about and develop ways to promote the body’s needs and relationships with your head and heart. We want you to know how resilient you are, that you can embrace any change that comes your way, and that you can live inspired.

Empowering Your Movement Journey

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